Quick Transaction

txInit's Quick Transaction allows you to create a link to initiate a transaction with pre-filled information, like target address, token and amount. You can create a link manually, use some kind of programming language (examples) or use the generator below.

Link structure

URL base: http://txinit.local/tx/!qck
Query params:
Name Description
nw Required.
Name of the network to use.
tk Required.
Name of the token to send.
The list of supported tokens depends on the selected network.
ta Required.
Target address to send the tokens to. In the format of 0x....
am Required.
Amount of tokens to send.
The amount is the human-readable value, eg. 0.1. It is converted to the token's smallest unit (e.g. Wei for Ether) automatically.


To send 1.5 ETH to 0x1234567890123456789012345678901234567890 on the Sepolia Ethereum Testnet, the link would be:

Link generator